Southern 7 Health Department offers genetic cancer testing

ULLIN, Ill. (KBSI) – Area residents ages 18 and older can be tested to help reduce cancer-related deaths from inherited cancers.

“We felt it was imported to offer this service,” said Shawna Rhine, Community Outreach Coordinator/Public Information Officer with Southern Seven Health Department. ” This part of the country has a high rate of cancer related deaths and cases in general. As we all know, early detection of genetic cancers is very key in making sure that, it has been treated and it improves your survival rate.”

In a partnership between Southern 7 Health Department, a genetic service company, and the Hope Light Foundation, Southern 7 Health Department now offers genetic cancer testing.

Through genetic cancer testing, people can identify their risk for certain cancers before a diagnosis, which could mean earlier detection and prevention of cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, about 13 percent of all cancers may be due to inherited genetic changes.

“This is for anybody who is concerned about cancer and is doing this test,” said Rhine. “It’s specific just to you.”

A positive test can pinpoint your risk of developing cancer, helping you to make informed medical decisions to reduce your risk.

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