Southern Illinois man returns from 98 days in Ukraine

MARION, Ill. (KBSI) – A southern Illinois man recently returned from a 98-day journey of supporting the people of Ukraine.

Many in Ukraine are in need of medical supplies, food, and other essential resources.

David Brymer, a combat medic in Ukraine, decided to use his own funds to support those in need.

“Well, I’ve been watching it unfolding for months and keeping you know close track on it while I was in the Israeli army, I served with a lot of Ukrainians the first time I met Ukrainian’s,” explained Brymer, “…and I’ve seen the struggle that was going on and I just I kind of felt drawn to it.”

Brymer taught classes to the Ukrainian people about basic medical support. He claimed that no combat medicine program was available for the country.

“So whenever I saw that I just you know fit in where I could. And you know I started training civilians at first just on basic first aid, first responder type stuff,” said Brymer.

He says he wants nothing more than to go back to what he calls “his family.”

“I’m going back. I’m definitely going back. This is my war; they’re not alone,” continued Brymer. “I’m still learning myself. I’m doing everything that I can. So I’m not sure what all that is going to entail. But I promise you it’s everything that I can do.”

If you would like to donate any medical supplies, you can do that at the Benton VFW or the American Legion.

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