Tips to keep your property safe during summer vacation

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The Cape Girardeau Police Department (CGPD) wants to make sure you stay safe this summer.

The CGPD released information about how to keep your home safe during summer vacation. Corporal Ryan Droege, Public Information Officer, has the dos and don’ts to consider before leaving for your next vacation.

“Yes, there are several steps people can take when they are trying to prepare for vacation. Make sure you lock all your doors windows have those secured tightly,” said Cpl. Droege. “If you have a family member or neighbors you trust, ask them to keep an eye on the property. Make sure nothing going. Report anything suspicious to us obviously. Try and talk to the post office and get your mail held if you are going to be gone for a long time more than a few days you know if the thief sees mail piling up in a mailbox it’s a dead giveaway that’s no one’s home and no one’s going to be home for a while.”

The CGPD has a vacation check program where an officer will make a few patrols around your property if requested.

For more information about summer vacation safety or how to schedule a vacation patrol, go to the Cape Girardeau Police Department’s website.

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