Taylor notches record-setting triple-double, Salukis blow out Evansville on Senior Day

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KBSI) – 20 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 blocks: That was the stat line for Promise Taylor in what is likely her final game at the Banterra Center. 

Salukis head coach Kelly Bond-White said Taylor’s performance in SIU’s 105-59 victory over Evansville on Saturday will live on in history. 

“For a group effort from my team, I will frame this box score, but for her, and I think it’s something, unless she returns, that’s something you might not see for a long time,” she said.

Taylor’s 10 blocks set a new single-game program record, and she credited her teammates for making this Senior Day a special one. 

“Coach was telling us throughout the week, ‘this is our senior game, so let’s pull together for the seniors,’ and I’m really appreciative of my teammates because they really did help us,” she said.

The Salukis’ other senior, Ashley Jones, poured in 20 points herself and dished out 8 assists. 

When Bond-White was asked what she’ll remember most about this senior class, this was her response. 

“I’m just going to remember them taking a chance, taking a chance because everybody else that was recruiting them said, ‘Hey, that’s a rookie head coach. Do you really want to trust your last year to that?’ And what I told them is I would give them my best,” she said. “I told them that we would make mistakes, I would make mistakes, but they would always get my best.” 

And as Taylor left the floor in the 4th quarter, Bond-White had a simple yet lasting message for her. 

“I told her ‘I love you and thank you for trusting me.’ And I will continue to work my butt off, and like I told her when we recruited her, this isn’t a one-year decision. This is a life-long commitment that I’m making to you, and that’s with all my kids.” she said. “It’s not just about their time here at SIU. I’m here for them for the rest of their lives, so I told her I love her.” 

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