The Hope Center opening more branches for therapy needs

SIKESTON, Mo (KBSI)- Equine-assisted therapy takes a different route in helping those struggling with physical, behavioral, and mental challenges.

The gait of a horse has similarities to the natural stride of a human, supporting the natural motion of the spine and pelvis.

At the Hope Therapeutic Center in Perryville this is just one of the benefits the horses supply to those with different abilities.

“It’s amazing to see these individuals come in,” said Kelly Seiler, the Hope Center Executive Director. “We are a little bit different because we try to encourage as much independence as possible. We want to see them truly step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves to the safest yet biggest capacity possible with the love to see them strive to meet their goals.”

Improving the quality of life for adults and children with special needs is the mission of The Hope Center. The non-profit organization was started in Perryville but has now branched out to Sikeston, and Farmington.

The horses used at The Hope Center come from local ranches or farmers, and are mature and calm.

In Sikeston, The Rocking Chair Ranch is owned by Rick Taylor and his wife Barbra. After retirement Rick wanted his ranch and legacy to have a more meaningful impact. So he partnered with The Hope Center to open his ranch up for those who need it.

“After therapy sessions we have a story everyday that we can talk about,” Taylor said. “It’s just amazing the stuff that we see here.”

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