Theft in Cape Girardeau is trending downward during the month of December

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI)- Crime rate in Cape Girardeau appears to be trending downward when it comes to theft, according to a recent departmental report.

Cpl. Ryan Droege with the Cape Girardeau Police Department says numbers are nearly below the average over the last two years.

“We actually had in terms of theft cases, less than half the cases we had in both 2021, and 2020. So, it was a much better year than the past two,” said Droege.

In 2021, 87 thefts for the month of December were recorded. This year, only 35 cases were reported.

“It kind of fluctuates over the time of the year, but that’s more in line with our overall trends,” added Droege. reports within the last week, several thefts have occurred in the Old Town Cape area.

More thefts happened in the last week compared to other crimes such as gun violence or assault. Fraud continues its pace with thefts, the report stated.

Cape Girardeau Police Department has reported that since ShotSpotter was put in place, the gun crime rate has produced slightly lower numbers. – Helping You Build a Safer Community

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