Tiny home built by Cape Girardeau CTC students for sale

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The Cape Girardeau Career & Technology Center has a tiny home for sale.

The tiny home was fully built from the ground up by the career center’s students, from start to finish.

“They all worked on it all year long. So this is a great starting point for them. It’s instructor lead but it’s completely student driven,” said Brock Crowley, Director of the Career Technology Center.

Crowley says the bidding for the tiny home starts Friday, July 15.

The tiny home is a perfect start for a young couple, or even a couple out of retirement. It features a bedroom, closet, mini kitchen, bathroom and laundry area, as well as a living room.

The goal is to sell the tiny home and repurpose the money to build another home for this coming year’s students, with the process rotating every year.

Crowley says the goal is to make the class self sustaining without the need for help from outside the technology center.

“Come by and see us and turn in a bid form,” said Crowley.

Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center 

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