Tips for protection during an active shooting

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Some situations are uncontrollable such as being in an area with an active shooter. This can suddenly happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere. 

Dean Ngarorata, SEMO Search and Rescue Team Trainer, and community emergency response team Jim Watkins, Region E Cert Coordinator, offers tips how people can protect themselves.  

Ngarorata said once the shooting starts there are basically three tips you want to follow.  

Run. “One of them is get away,” says Ngarorata.  

If escaping isn’t an option, then follow tip two which is to hide.

“From the situation as best as you can and if you can’t then try to hide,” says Watkins. Ngarorata says to try and make it as hard as possible for the gunman or shooters to find out where you are. 

Tip three is only to be used as a last result and it is to fight. Ngarorata and Watkins say fight and do whatever is necessary to protect yourself. 

The most important thing to do as soon as possible is to call law enforcement. Watkins says you want the professionals to arrive as soon as they can.  

 For more information on how to prepare for emergencies visit the City of Cape Girardeau’s CERT Training website

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