Two EF-1 tornadoes confirmed in far southwest Kentucky from Saturday morning

A recent survey done by the National Weather Service in Paducah found damage confirming two EF-1 tornadoes in west Kentucky from Saturday morning. One in the city of Hickman and the other north of Fulton.

Based on the estimated peak wind speeds, both were “higher-end” EF-1 tornadoes.

Fulton County – City of Hickman

Fulton County Tor

This tornado first touched down and did damage to trees and power lines. It then tracked east and southeast with more tree damage seen along the way. A large home was reported to have fallen on a home, too. The largest “cluster” of damage occurred as it crossed KY-125 to 7th Street, leaving several trees uprooted and a few trees snapped.

This was where the tornado was at its peak width, along dropping a tree onto a car. It was said to have lifted by the time it moved into open areas east of Nelson Street.

Hickman County – North of Fulton

Hickman County Tor

The tornado path was surveyed north of Fulton and northwest of Water Valley. The EF-1 was said to have first touched down along KY-307 south of Johnson Road. Around two dozen trees were blown down and a grain bin was destroyed near Laine Road, according to the National Weather Service. This was when the tornado was at its strongest and widest.

It proceeded northeastward, with damage to a portion of the tree line. A large section of a tree also fell onto a home with this tornado, too. This happened on Wilson Road, where the tornado was said to have lifted shortly after crossing it.

During the survey, these pictures (below) were collected through Fulton and Hickman Counties.

The National Weather Service also noted how rare these events were, specifically in August.

  • Dating back to 1950, only 20 tornadoes have ever been recorded in the month of August through our area.
  • These were the first documented tornadoes to occur during the morning hours in the month of August for our area.
  • Only 5 tornadoes in August were on the ground for longer than a mile; 2 of them now being the ones from August 12th, 2023.

It’s been a very weird month so far!

Meteorologist Jessica Blum

FOX 23 Storm Alert Team

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