Mental Health Awareness Month: What is mental health?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – May is Mental Health Awareness month. A topic that has grown in conversation over the last few years.  

Anastasia Kinsey, a school-based and clinical therapist at Bootheel Counseling Services, describes mental health as a mental struggle someone goes through on a daily basis and it boils down to how much it impacts that person’s life. 

Bad mental health could impact a person’s life to where you see struggles at work, school, or in eating habits. 

 It can be a sign that a person needs help. 

“If those basic necessities are a struggle for them then they have to receive mental health services,” said Kinsey. 

Services that can help with a wide range of disorders for people suffering from mental health issues. 

And because there are quite a few disorders Kinsey says that there are a few ways to tell if you or someone may be experiencing a mental change. 

A few ways you can tell if someone is having mental health issues are: 

  • Filling excessively sad. 
  •  Not being able to find any hope in a situation. 
  •  Very negative outlook.  
  •  Problems concentrating. 
  •  Excessive worry or fear about things. 

And although your mental health can change due to circumstances.  

There is a chance that you may not have control over your mental health changing. 

“Then sometimes it’s just something that they’re born with and they have absolutely no control over it,” said Kinsey. 

But talking about mental health is a way to bring a health positive light on the topic for everyone. 

Kinsey said a way to advocate for mental health is to educate yourself. 

“Even if you don’t struggle with any issues. Having your own knowledge of what mental health is… Can actually help another person as well,” said Kinsey. 

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