What to do if you get stranded in your car

(KBSI) – Over the next day weather conditions will get worse. Because of that, traveling is not advised.

However, if you need to be on the road, and you get stranded, stay in your car as much as possible.

Make your car visible by keeping your dome lights on and putting your hood up.

Before you drive, check your car’s battery and have a full tank of gas.

“If you have to wait, even in normal weather sometimes there’s a wait involved with roadside emergency service. It doesn’t happen immediately. There is a wait involved, but if you can, clean out that exhaust pipe to your car and fill up your gas tank as well. Leave your car running to keep it warm inside. Let it warm up and put yourself in blankets, have those with you as well,” said Brian Smith a warning coordinating meteorologist.

There is a highway emergency line set up. If you are stranded call *55 for assistance.

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