Cold air Friday after rain Thursday

(KBSI) – Colder air moved into the area Thursday after rain.

The area will get the chance to dry out Friday through this weekend, with a major warmup arriving Sunday. Chances for rain and thunderstorms return Monday afternoon.


A Wind Advisory was in effect until 6 p.m. Thursday for much of the region. Wind gusts outside of thunderstorms could reach 40 to 50 mph.


It turned much colder Thursday night, with low temperatures falling into the teens and 20s. Wind chill values in the single digits and teens expected Friday morning.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear warned Kentuckians to be vigilant and safe ahead of a potentially severe weather system that is predicted to generate heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds Thursday throughout the commonwealth.

Severe thunderstorms are possible in western Kentucky on Thursday morning and afternoon.

Damaging wind gusts will be the main threat; however, any thunderstorm has the potential to create a small, brief tornado. It will be very windy Wednesday and Thursday. Gusts up to 50 mph are predicted during the Thursday event, with some isolated gusts of up to 60 mph. Heavy rain of 1.5 to 2 inches will occur through Friday morning, which will likely create minor flooding issues.

Several roads closed due to flooding in southeast Missouri on Thursday. Visit the MoDOT Traveler Information map to see the closed roads.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 1 advises drivers to use extra caution as flash flooding has been reported at numerous locations along area highways. Many of these locations are in areas where flooding has not been reported in the past. Be alert for flooded roadways due to heavy bands of rainfall moving across the region during the day.

Roads closed as of 7:30 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 18.

Caldwell County

  • KY 128 is Open with high water at MP 3.4 – MP 3.6 and MP 6.5 – MP 6.7
  • KY 91 is Open with high water at MP 17.2 – MP 17.4
  • KY 293 is Open with high water at MP 1.5 – MP 2.0
  • KY 139 is Open with high water at MP 9.9 – MP 10.3

Carlisle County

  • U.S. 62 is OPEN at the 4 to 6mm in West Fork Creek Bottoms west of the KY 121 intersection
  • KY 1820 is CLOSED at the 1-3mm- Signs Posted
  • KY 1628 is CLOSED at the 3 to 4 mile marker – signs posted

Christian County

  • US-41A is Closed due to high water at MP 30 – MP 32

Crittenden County

  • KY 91 is CLOSED near the 5mm at the northwest edge of Marion where a temporary diversion for replacement of the Crooked Creek Bridge has washed out – Detour marked via portable message boards
  • KY855 is OPEN at the 5 mile marker at Dean Spring Creek north of Frances between KY 70 and U.S. 60
  • KY 902 is OPEN at the 5mm at the Dry Creek Bridge between March Oliver Rd and the Crittenden-Caldwell County Line

Fulton County

  • KY 94 is CLOSED at the 7 to 11mm in the Lower Bottom Area southwest of Hickman (Due to ponding at the levee pumping station) between KY 311 and KY 1099
  • KY 94 has Water Over Road signs posted at the 23-26mm in Willingham Bottom between KY 1907 and KY 1125
    KY 1907 is CLOSED

Graves County

  • KY 58 is OPEN at the 1 to 1.6mm at the Graves-Hickman County Line
  • KY 1283 is CLOSED at the 2.9 to 3.2mm between KY 58 and KY 994- signs and barricades posted

Hickman County

  • KY 58 has Water Over Road signs posted at 7 to 8mm in the Cane Creek area between KY 1540 and KY 1475
  • KY 1283 is CLOSED at the 1 to 2mm near Bayou De Chien and Hopkins Cemetery Rd – signs posted
  • KY 780 is CLOSED at the 2 to 3mm near the Titsworth Rd intersection and the RR Crossing- signs posted

Livingston County

  • KY 133/Lola Road has Water Over Road signs posted at the 6 to 7mm
  • KY 1433/Cedar Grove Rd has Water Over Road signs posted at the 4 to 5mm between Lemon Landing and Head Road
  • KY 70 has Water Over Road signs posted at the 7 to 8mm east of KY 2232/Sugar Creek Road
  • KY 917/Stringtown Rd has Water Over Road signs posted a the 1 to 2mm north of U.S. 62 near Lake City
  • KY 135 has Water Over Road signs posted at the 3 to 4mm
  • KY 135 has Water Over Road signs posted at the 11 to 12mm
  • KY 763/Maxfield Rd has Water Over Road signs posted at the 1 to 2mm between KY 1608 and U.S. 60 at Burna
  • KY 763/Maxfield Rd has Water Over Road signs posted at the 5 to 6mm near Bayou Creek Road west of Burna

Lyon County

  • KY 1943/Skinframe Creek Road is OPEN at mile point 3.4 at the Skinframe Creek Bridge-

McCracken County


Marshall County

  • U.S. 641 in Marshall County has Water Over Road signs posted at numerous locations between KY Dam Village State Park and Draffenville
  • KY 1949/Wadesboro Road is CLOSED at the 7.3mm at Smith Creek near the I-69 Tunnel

Trigg County

  • KY 164/Roaring Springs Road is OPEN from the 18 to 22 mile marker due to between KY 139/South Road and Burkley Road in the Roaring Springs area
  • U.S. 68-Business has a traffic signal outage at the Latoka Drive intersection at the east edge of Cadiz – A 4-Way Stop Sign has been placed at the intersection

As little as six inches of moving water can push a vehicle off the roadway. If you encounter a flooded roadway, please take note of the specific location using a nearby landmark, mile point, or crossroad and report it to your local 911 call center.

Remember: Turn Around – Don’t Drown.

Steps to keep yourself safe after flooding:

  • Watch your step. Floodwaters often hide sharp and dangerous debris like broken glass and metal.
  • Wear the appropriate protective clothing and gear such as boots, gloves and safety glasses when it comes to moving debris.
  • Stay away from electrical utility equipment after a storm or if it is wet, to prevent being electrocuted. Report any utility issues to your local utility company.
  • Flooded homes are hazardous. Get a professional to check for loose wires, mold and hidden damage before re-entering.
  • Avoid walking in floodwater. It can be contaminated with oil, gasoline or sewage.
  • Use generators or other gas-powered machinery only outdoors and away from windows.

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