Severe Weather Likely Today (4/13/22)

Severe weather is possible on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. Large hail, damaging wind, and strong tornadoes are going to be possible during the afternoon and evening. Below is a timeframe of what the radar may look like throughout the day. Since severe weather is likely today, have a plan in place should storms move into your area. Have a way to be alerted of severe storms in your area, have a safe place to go, and stay up to date on the forecast throughout the day. Below is an hour by hour look at today’s forecast.

Below is what 1:00pm may look like. Storms are already starting to move into our western counties with all forms of severe weather possible at this time.


As we move into the 3:00pm timeframe, the storms will continue to press east into SE Missouri and southern Illinois. Large hail, damaging wind, heavy rain, and tornadoes will be possible.


By 4:00pm, the storms are right over the top of the KBSI viewing area. All forms of severe weather will be possible as the storms track east across our area. Be sure to have a safe place to be when the storms are moving through your area. Get to the lowest room in your home, stay away from windows, and put as many walls between you and the outside that you can.


By 6:00pm, the storms will be moving into western Kentucky and western Tennessee and will continue to have the potential for tornadoes, damaging wind, and large hail.


By 8:00pm, the threat remains with the storms, but should be moving out of the KSBI viewing area. Timing isn’t perfect with these models, so severe weather may still be in our area, so we will be updating this forecast as the day progresses and will keep you up to date as the storms roll through.


The threat from these storms will be all forms. Strong tornadoes, large hail, damaging non-tornado winds, and flooding from heavy rain will all be possible. Be safe out there today and keep it tuned to KBSI, we’ll keep you up to date!



Rusty Dawkins
KBSI Chief Meteorologist

Categories: Weather