2 women running every street in Perryville

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KBSI) – Two women in Perryville have started running every street in town.

The project is called Run This Town. Danielle Messer and Mandy Taylor of Perryville started this initiative, recently adding seven miles more to the map of their adventure.

For over four years the two women have ran together to train for weekly runs with the group Perry County Mile Chasers, also meeting on the weekends to run together.

Over the summer Messer’s friend made the statement, “I’m surprised you’ve never ran all the streets in Perryville!”

That got the wheels turning in Messer’s head, to which she looked at as a challenge. With a map of all the streets in Perryville city limits, a total of 62.3 miles of road, she asked her long time running partner, Taylor, to run beside her.

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