A fraternity at SEMO is officially top 10 fraternities in the country

CAPE GIRARDEAU, M.O. (KBSI) – Sigma Nu Mu Kappa, a fraternity on Southeast Missouri State University’s (SEMO) campus has been recognized as one of the top 10 fraternities in the country.

Sigma Nu strives to be the best they can be. As they have won many awards, they received a national award as well.

“Every year they’ll (North American Interfraternity Council) recognize usually 10 Chapters who have excelled beyond what it means to be a fraternity,” explained Logan Phillips, former Sigma Nu President.

To win this award, a fraternity must perform at the highest levels, and serve as a model for other fraternity chapters. Sigma Nu, has done just that.

Elliot Siekmann, current President of Sigma Nu, said “We try to focus on like I talked about the community involvement, making sure our GPAs are high, making sure everybody is focused on helping each other making sure we are recruiting the very best guys and our new member program we’re making sure that we’re developing everyone that we do recruit into really great men that meet Sigma Nu’s values.”

For the members of Sigma Nu, the award was won not as individuals, but as a team.

“So, it’s in… you know service hours, philanthropy, it’s things like that, that the whole fraternity is being involved in,” said Roman Holloway, Vice President of Sigma Nu. “So, it’s not just one person it’s everybody and we’re that chapter where everyone has to pull their own weight and it’s really exciting to see everybody continuously strive to be better in every aspect.”

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