Airport manager, professor share thoughts on Southeast Missouri State’s aviation management degree program

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Dr. Quantella Noto, associate professor of hospitality management at Southeast Missouri State, said the school’s new aviation management program will prepare students for the ins and outs of the business side of aviation. 

“It’s an operation that requires a lot of knowledge, not only about aviation, but I just think in managing people, managing processes, managing contracts, and so I think we’ve put together, in our program, the courses that give the foundation for this,” she said.

The program combines several established aviation courses with core business and management courses. 

And Noto said the degree provides a plethora of pathways to a career in aviation. 

“We want to get you ready for your careers, get you ready for your lives, and I think this degree will work,” she said. “Regional airlines, commercial airlines, national airlines, freight carriers, small airports, you know, just a wide range of possibilities.” 

Cape Girardeau Regional Airport Manager Katrina Amos said like the pilots, the other positions within the industry are critical to a smooth operation. 

“Those positions are just as important from a support perspective to make sure that all the airports and airfields are managed and operating in a safe, efficient manner,” she said.

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