Capaha Park Dredging Project Update

CAPE GIRARDEAU, M.O. (KBSI) – Capaha Hall Park is undergoing renovation in Cape Girardeau with the pond and the surrounding sidewalk going through construction.

The dredging project will remove the bad materials or waste from the pond and take out any trash in an effort to clean the bottom of it.

The Director of Public Works in Cape, Stan Polivick explains that the dredging was finished last Saturday but will continue to fix up the pond.

“The hard parts done with the dewatering and the cleaning of the settlement and getting all that hauled off,” explains Polivick. “Shaping the bottom if the weather will cooperate, they’ll get that knocked out pretty quick and then the rest of it’s all on the perimeter above grade.”

Although, the construction has many people wondering if the water is being dumped in a safe location, which according to Polivick, was not the case at first.

“There was not anything improper done with that, but the residents nearby were concerned. they were concerned about the sediment getting into the local stream which unfortunately did happen we had a big rain and that washed some of it out,” continued Polivick.

Fortunately, the Public Works team managed to find a safer location to dump the remaining water.

After the construction is finished, the department plans on using the pond for more than just looks.

Polivick explained that “…the perimeter improvements would just be better accessibility, better looking, more functional, wider sidewalks, better lighting ADA compatible features in the sidewalks in the ramps…”

Many will also be able to enjoy fishing in the pond as fish will have a better habitat to swim in.

The rest of the construction is set to be done by late summer but may take up to the middle of fall.

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