Cape City Council weighs three percent tax on recreational marijuana

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI)- A proposal for a three percent sales tax on recreational marijuana will be voted on April 4th following the final approval from Cape Girardeau City Council, which addressed the issue and Monday’s council meeting.

“What the council is wanting to stipulate with the tax is that up to a quarter of that is going to come to the police department or mental health, or substance abuse programs,” said Wes Blair, Cape Girardeau chief of police.

Missouri voters passed amendment three to legalize recreational marijuana, and to give voters the option to tax the sales at 3 percent.

Currently, Cape Girardeau County and other cities are planning to put the tax on the spring ballot.

“Which will assist the cities in being able to give back to your police, fire and the city and with the City of Cape, they are ear marking up to one fourth for mental health and drug awareness and rehabilitation,” said Assistant City Manager Trevor Pulley.

Only recreational marijuana shoppers will pay the tax, if approved.

Additional revenue is estimated to begin at $153,660 per year.

The monies will be used for priorities set by the community and city council in the general fund supporting police, fire, streets, parks, and other services.

Up to 25 percent could be earmarked each year for mental health and drug treatment and prevention, all of which will be coordinated by the police department.

Added Pulley: “In the community in aspects of marijuana, where it can cause some of the problems.”

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