Cape Girardeau dispensary manager explains need for recreational use

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Marijuana sales skyrocketed after dispensaries opened their doors on Friday, February 3, for recreational use eligible to persons over the age of 21 in Missouri.

Regional Manager Sarah Gunther-Jackson at Greenlight Marijuana Dispensary says business never slows down in the 10 days since recreational sales started.

“I feel awesome about it,” said Gunther-Jackson. “I feel great!”

She says the importance of educating people on cannabis is vital to understanding the need for it.

“We are really kind of putting an end to the black market,” she said.

With the prominence of illegal drugs in the area, Gunther-Jackson says dispensaries are a safe place people can trust when purchasing cannabis.

Bud tender Matthew Eaves wants everyone to know not all cannabis is for recreational use.

“Marijuana, you can use it recreationally, you know, you’ve kind of had a long day you kind of just want to unwind, you know, just want to kind of forget about that day,” said Eaves. “There’s also very medicinal aspects to it, whether you have cancer, whether you have arthritis, any type of pain, any type of anything, there’s a product here for it.”

For both veterans and cancer patients, Gunther-Jackson says sometimes cannabis is the only remedy to cure an illness.

“I know that we have patients that have told us this has completely changed their life,” she said. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of and I think it’s something everybody can get positive results out of.”

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