Cape Girardeau emergency crews battle weather conditions, prepare for more

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Even with the holidays, Mother Nature saw that fire crews and law enforcement authorities in Cape Girardeau responded to motor vehicle crashes in the area.

“We’ve seen a lot of mutual aid requests throughout the county due to conditions on roadways, not just over the start of the storm but also into yesterday (Monday) and last night (Monday night),” said Captain Jason Poole with the Cape Girardeau Fire Department.

Friday night rain led into a heavy blizzard causing multiple crash to occur on city streets before snowplows were able to tackle the weather.

Corporal Ryan Droege with the Cape Girardeau Police Department says officers were dispatched to 24 motor vehicle crashed over the weekend.

“With this weather, you just never know,” said Cpl. Droege. “Some things are just going to be unavoidable.”

When severe weather is headed toward them, Cape Girardeau fire crews prepare with extra units for staffing. With the holidays, everyone was on call.

Captain Poole says the crashes will most likely continue into the night as the temperatures continue to drop at nightfall, making the streets slick once again.

“Due to refreeze, you have opportunity for ice in situations you might not expect it,” said Captain Poole.

Cape Girardeau police released a statement on the police department’s Facebook page encouraging everyone to slow down or stay home if possible due to severe slick conditions that caused more accidents Tuesday morning.

“Just slow down is the biggest thing,” Cpl. Droege said. “You must, must drive slower. You must give yourself, double or triple the amount of time you think you need, even if you drive slow.”

With the new year approached, both Cape Girardeau police and fire crews are on alert, prepared for weather and added holiday travelers.


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