Cape Girardeau Regional Airport operations staff combats snowstorm

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Tommy Bridges and the rest of the operations crew at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport are put to the test during winter storms.

“Our goal is to prevent a cancellation,” he said. 

Bridges said the preparation of the trucks used to clear the pavement starts well ahead of any snowstorm. 

“Usually, the day before an event like this we’ll get those trucks outfitted and ready to go, so as soon as it hits, we’re ready to get out on the runways and taxiways and get everything clear,” Bridges said.

Bridges explained why the snow typically is not a major concern, but ice and wind are. 

“The number one problem here is ice, not snow. Snow is pretty easy to remove, but the ice is what makes it more difficult,” he said. “With winds like this, it can really make it more challenging because you may clear something and then it just gets covered immediately again by some wind blowing new snow on it.” 

Bridges and his team work closely with Fixed Base Operations (FBO), which is responsible for fueling, tugging, and providing hangar space. 

FBO Manager Dustin Johnson said they are always there to help whenever called upon. 

“During major weather like this, it’s not optimal for flying, but here at the FBO, we make sure we’re still here in case anyone needs to come in, if we have any planes divert to our area, we make sure we have guys on the ground ready to assist in any way that we can,” he said.

It takes a team effort, but the operations staff at Cape Regional Airport work tirelessly to make sure everyone travels as stress-free as possible.

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