City of Carbondale receives $21 million grant for new multi-modal building

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KBSI) – Carbondale was awarded with a collection of grants equivalent to $21 million for the Southern Illinois Multimodal Station (SIMMS).

The new station will be used for multiple transportation services including bus, bike, and Amtrak services.

The new station will include upgrades including solar and geothermal energy sources.

“Yes, so this is a multi-modal transportation center. Its main focus is regional transit. It’s a hub to be able to co-locate all of those services and to better transfer passengers,” said Gary Williams, Carbondale City Manager.

Since the station is fully funded, Williams says no changes in ticket prices for residents will occur.

In response to the September railroad strike, Amtrak canceled its long-distance services.

Williams assures residents that the strike will not affect the building process.

“The recent strike had a short-term effect on canceling an Amtrak route. Our understanding is that they’re going to restart that route at the end of this year,” added Williams.

The existing Amtrak building will remain in service for the duration of the construction, which is set to commence next spring.

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