Carden International Circus in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRADEAU, MO (KBSI) – Taking care of the animals is a big job at the circus.

Elephant trainer and handler, Florian says the animals relax behind the ring before the show.

Asian elephants Betty and Janice love lounging in the shade and sun. He sprays them with fresh cool water and shows how aware they are of the hose, trying their best not to step on it.

Florian says they’re not pets, but they can be just as loveable and are trained in similar ways. He uses treats and vocal commands to get the elephants to concentrate on their surroundings, preparing them to focus for the show.

“How we train them, we give them a lot of treats, do voice commands and everything to guide them, we work mostly on treats, treat based.”

He says treating them well is important not only so they’re happy, but healthy.

“We like to take good care of them, ya know, they’re actually treated better then our employees.”

He jokes because he wishes he was as pampered as much as Betty and Janice in the Carden Circus.

The circus performed two shows on June 1 at the A.C. Brase Arena.


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