Crisp Museum hosts family weekend to celebrate 65th anniversary of Legos

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – It’s a toy that spans generations.

And the Crisp Museum’s Lego Family Weekend celebrated the brick that has entertained people of all ages for the last 65 years. 

Museum staff member Sophie White said this birthday celebration of sorts provided a unique opportunity for the museum. 

“It is able to get a lot of families in, where usually we don’t always have that chance,” she said. “It gets members of the community to really come in and get excited, and every kid loves Legos.” 

From storm troopers to the Titanic to Wall-E playing wizard’s chess to the Colosseum, all of these designs and many, many more were on display and included in a scavenger hunt. Of course, there were several tables available for people of all ages to explore their creative side and build whatever they liked.  

“Just getting to build them and show them to my friends and put them on cabinets and stuff for display,” Evan Yarbro said.

“I like how you can have infinite possibilities of what you can build and what pieces you can use,” Taven Roche

“I like to see like what I can put onto a small platform… I like that we can build stuff and make new creations,” sisters Athena and Iris said.

Siblings can build things together, but they may not agree on everything. 

“He got like an advent calendar kind of thing full of Legos, but a lot of the times I would open them and do them because he wouldn’t do them,” attendee Carly said of her brother Tanner.

“No, I would,” Tanner replied.

“You did some of them,” Carly said.

But one thing everyone can agree on is that Legos are timeless.

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