Father’s Day on the golf course a special one for dads

JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – Fran McGarr spent Father’s Day at Bent Creek Golf Course with his 25-year-old son Cramer, who lives about two hours away.

Fran said that during the round, there was the bickering about this or that as it relates to golf, but the other conversations were priceless.

“We talked a lot through the whole thing, a lot about golf, complaining to each other about their shot, his shot, and my shot, but then about what’s going on with the family and what’s going on with their lives,” he said.

Cramer said getting to spend that quality time with his father and learning some things along the way made the day special.

“Getting a couple hours to hang out, that’s what it’s worth,” he said. “Do I get better at golf? No. Do I learn anything? Yeah, I learn a lot. I think that’s the big thing about it. You take the little things from golf. You talk about my swing but maybe I can apply that to something else.”

Fran also noted how golf and life go hand-in-hand.

“Golf is an interesting game because there is a lot of life that plays into it,” he said. “A lot of the things we’re talking about, ‘Yeah, I’m like this with my golf because of this in my life. I know this about me. This is what I’m doing, so if I can change that, I can change this.’ It really is very interesting. It’s fun though. It’s good to be together.”

Josh Crowley and his 12-year-old son Sam play several times a week.

Josh said golf will be something the two of them can share for the rest of their lives.

“I’ve spent many a Father’s Day on the golf course with my son since he was 5 years old,” he said. “I got him engaged in the game of golf for the simple reason that we could spend a lifetime doing this together. It’s something we can do until we’re old. When he’s old, when I’m old, we’ll still be able to play golf.”

Golf teaches us a lot about life and is a brilliant excuse to spend time with loved ones, especially on Father’s Day.

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