Fireworks stands see increase in shipping cost

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – People might be a bit shocked this year to see fireworks prices increase.   

Stump Busters’ Firework co-manager Matthew Rolwing says the increase in prices can be seen in shipping costs rather than just in their items. 

“Product-wise that the prices increased just a little bit the biggest problem that any firework retailer is going to see is the price increase in shipping is anywhere from 28% all the way up,” said Rolwing. 

Rolwing says lots of times items would be stuck in different parts of the state with no word on when they could be expected. 

“We would actually get products that would come in from Shanghai and different parts of China. They come into the states. It takes forever and then it actually comes into Missouri and things would get stuck in Kansas City and up north and we wouldn’t hear as to when we’d get it and stuff like,” said Rolwing. 

Rolwing says at their stand there will only be a small increase because they want people to be able to enjoy their fourth without breaking the bank.  

“Like that and stuff it’s just a small little increase on getting it here but yeah, we’re trying to keep our prices as cheap as possible so that way everyone can truly enjoy their 4th ,” said Rolwing. “When you think of summer for me, I think snow cones, fireworks, and pools and you know we got to have the fireworks in there so you got to come and see us.”

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