First responders participate in structural collapse training in Sikeston

SIKESTON, Mo. (KBSI) – First responders from across Southeast Missouri are in Sikeston for a structural collapse training exercise.

If disaster hits, it’s teams like this that stand by for immediate response.

“So, we worry about earthquakes, and we do have tornadoes that come through,” explained Sgt. Tyler Rowe with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety. “If a tornado takes out part of a building and people are stuck inside, this is the… this is the training we’d utilize.”

This week began the start of the monthly structural collapse training, which joins together Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Sikeston, and Stoddard County first responders.

“On like a large-scale incident where we would have to go in from a safer point and then we would actually breach through different walls, breach to different areas to get to patients,” continued Sgt. Rowe.

The first responders were given the old Matthews Elementary School building for the training, which will be torn down within the next year.

As many citizens mourn the removal, they are glad the training is taking place.

“The training is very unique because where else would they get an opportunity to do that with a structure that’s really ready to come down,” explained Jim, a local Sikeston resident. “And they can’t make any mistakes cause it’s not going to be there much longer and so it’s really neat to see so many technical people doing that kind of work.”

It’s stressing work, but Sgt.Rowe said its necessary training so these first responders are prepared for the worst.

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