Homeless searching for a warming shelter in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI)- In Cape Girardeau, finding a place to stay warm at night when you have no money or home can be difficult.

Right now, the only shelter available is St. James AME Church in the downtown area.

Cape Girardeau police have received calls on people being cold and seeking shelter.

“We have a couple warming shelters in the area, for more information on that you would need to contact the community partnership,” said Officer Bobby Newton with the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

The United Way of Southeast Missouri was able to give the Community Partnership Program in Cape Girardeau funds from the emergency food and shelter program, giving the displaced a hotel room.

“All of the money that churches, and Community Partnership, and United Way and Street Level, and the People’s Shelter and all of these organizations are using to house our homeless population, that money could make a huge impact on actually helping people and providing long-term solutions and not just overnight shelter,” said Elizabeth Shelton, the Executive Director of the United Way of Southeast Missouri.

ServPro of Cape Girardeau has been answering emergency calls for backup generators and heaters since December’s cold snap.

While ServPro is not a nonprofit, the recognition for a warming shelter is still there.

“It’s obviously a big need in the area,” said Mac Davenport, co-owner of ServPro of Cape Girardeau. “It’s a growing need. There’s a lot more homeless in the Cape area than there used to be. So, the need is there for sure.”

Davenport says ServPro’s team has been working relentlessly to serve the communities as best they can.

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