Hospital gives gas cards to cancer patients

PADUCAH, Ky. (KBSI) – Mercy Health Lourdes Hospital Cancer Center in Paducah gives free gas cards to patients who need the help getting to their treatments.

The gas cards are around $10 to $20. The idea came from the hospital’s board of directors when they had leftover money from a grant assisting those cancer patients affected by the Mayfield tornadoes. They decided a good way to put that money to use was by giving it to those who need it for traveling to treatments.

John Montville, the Mercy Health Lourdes Hospital Director says the care for the patients of the hospital are top priority.

“Cancer patients are dealing with so much already as cancer patients and anything we can do to eliminate or alleviate their burdens is a great thing,” Montville said. “We serve a population of cancer patients in a very wide geographic area, a lot of travel for the patients.”

Along with the help of grants and associations, another fundraiser is benefiting the breast cancer center for the Mercy Health Lourdes Hospital.

Throw Pink Paducah is a frisbee golf tournament at the Stuart Nelson Disc Golf Course.

The director for this tournament, Virginia Hawthorne, says almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer.

“Our donations go to the purchase for comprehensive guidebooks for every woman that gets diagnosed with breast cancer,” Hawthorne said.

The guidebooks have information such as how to wear a seatbelt after a mastectomy, or how to tell your children you have breast cancer.

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