KSP warns of scam calls on the rise

photo of woman talking through smartphone while using laptop (Source: Pexels/Marcus Aurelius)
(Source: Pexels/Marcus Aurelius)

(KBSI) – Kentucky State Police in Henderson warn Kentuckians of a scammer calling people stating he is with a law enforcement agency.

The scammer goes through a series of routine sounding questions all in an effort to gain personal information (credit, bankcard information, etc.). At some point in the conversation, he requests the person to send in a fee for various law enforcement services.

Law enforcement agencies will not ask anyone for banking or personal information, ask to send money or make threats of arrest, according to KSP.

Contact the stated agency yourself if you are in any doubt.

KSP recommends treating every solicitation call as a scam until proven otherwise.

Scams come in various forms and are ever evolving into newer areas.

Here is a list of the “Top 10 Tip-off’s to a Rip-off!”

  • 10 – “High pressure sales or frequent calls”!
  • 9 – “Immediate decision”! (You must act NOW…hence no time to decide or research for that matter).
  • 8 – “Request a credit or debit card or any banking account information”!
  • 7 – “Offer to send someone to your home or to overnight something”!
  • 6 – “Something for free”!
  • 5 – “Unresponsive to questions or too quick to answer by cutting you off”!
  • 4 – “An investment without a risk”! (Every investment holds some form of risk(s)).
  • 3 – ”Will NOT provide written information or references”! (Maybe hangs up on you when asked for written information).
  • 2 – “Not registered with the Attorney General’s Office”!
  • 1 – “ If it sounds too good to be true, it often is”!

Should anyone receive these calls or has questions or concerns, they are encouraged to contact the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General at 502-696-5300.

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