Marine Corps League using SEMO District Fair to raise money

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The SEMO District Fair is in town from Sept. 10 through Sept. 17, and with many making their way to the fair this week, it’s great for businesses and local organizations to be seen. 

Members of the Marine Corps League of Cape Girardeau are out and about at the SEMO District Fair with the hope of having fun together and getting funds for their organization to help and support veterans in the area.  

Marine Corps League member Jim Halstead says that his group is always looking to help.  

“See that’s what we’re doing, is right now we’re go get a raffle off and then that money goes into our general fund and that, that goes to that allows us to be able to distribute that money through the community,” said Halstead.  

The group says they help out in the community as much as possible, with Toys for Tots and helping teachers who need assistance with school supplies.  

The Rose program is what they are raising money for. It is to help veterans, active or retired, and the community whenever there are emergencies.  

“Sometimes they can’t make the rent; sometimes they can’t pay utilities; sometimes they’re coming through the area on the way to … they might be active duty and they ran out, ran out of gas or they have some sort of vehicle problem. We will give them the money, grant them the money so that we can help them out,” said Halstead. 

Halstead’s message to other Marine vets in the area is to join the Marine Corps League because it’s a family.  

“First off, the Marines are brothers. We do the brotherly things We get together. We have fun. We support each other. Somebody has a little problem, we will kind of help work out with them,” Halstead,” said, “If there are any Marines that are in this area, we want them in our detachment.” 

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