May is Foster Care Awareness Month

(KBSI) – May is Foster Care Awareness month. Hope For One More Foster Care Center and Advocacy Services gives a little insight to the meaning of fostering.

Children go into foster care in traumatic circumstances due to abuse or neglect and a lot of times drug use is a contributing factor. Often times when they come into care they have nothing but the clothes on their back.

There is a huge lack in foster care homes available, making it hard for placement, sometimes separating them from siblings, or being transferred further away into the state.

“At Hope For One More we have a children’s home that provides emergency foster care in Jackson, Missouri,” said Crissy Mayberry, executive director. “And then we have our foster family advocacy center in downtown Cape Girardeau. Where we provide foster care support services for foster families.”

This means a child can come in and grab anything he or she wants or needs, such as clothing, stuffed animals, toys and more for the child to call his/her own.

Doing this allows for a gentler transition into foster care while providing support for the families who take the child in.

Foster Care Awareness Month allows for the community to get involved. Not everyone is able to foster a child. there are other way to help. People can volunteer, donate or participate in events that the advocacy center and care services host for foster families.

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