Mayfield Graves County Long Term Recovery Group seeks case managers

MAYFIELD, Ky. (KBSI) – December 10, 2021 is a day Mayfield residents will never forget. That’s when an EF4 tornado demolished the downtown area.

Now the community is picking up the pieces and moving forward.

Ryan Drane, Executive Director with the Mayfield Graves County Long Term Recovery Group, says they are now hiring case managers to help with the rebuilding process.

That includes restoring homes and whatever else the community may need help with.

“We are accessing all the needs in survivors,” said Drane. “Putting the survivors first, that’s our main thing. If it’s not good or it doesn’t benefit the survivors, it’s not something that we focus on.”

More than 4,000 people applied for federal help. The Long Term Recovery Group is calling each of these people on a daily basis to check on their long term and immediate needs.

“If people are interested in becoming a disaster case manager, we are in extreme need of those,” said Drane. “The more disaster case managers we have, the faster we can get our survivors to recovery.”

Drane says that in the aftermath of a devastating tornado, people can be left feeling like their lives are out of control. Case managers are there to help restore that control by setting small goals toward reaching full recovery.

Visit to learn more about donating or volunteering.

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