New details emerge as family of murdered Scott City man speak out

SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KBSI)- On Monday, July 24, Beverly Johnson Delph received a phone call that would forever change her life.

The man she raised, Montez Moss, had alledgedly been shot by his ex-girlfriend Mary Ruble.

“She was very good at what she did, and she wanted to make sure that people, everyone, the community, anyone who would listen, would believe her,” said Johnson-Delph.

Ruble and Moss were no longer living together. Due to an argument Ruble was having with Moss, that later turned into an altercation, with Moss shoving Ruble after multiple attempts of telling Ruble to back away from him and ‘to stop poking him in the temple’ according to Johnson-Delph.

Ruble had moved out of Moss’ apartment while Moss was in jail.

After being released from jail, Moss made the decision to move from Scott City to Cape Girardeau to a vacant rental home he was in the process of repairing.

“We bailed him out, and Montez went home, and of course we wanted to make sure he was okay, so my husband’s checking in, I’m checking in, and he said I am moving out of Scott City,” said Johnson-Delph.

According to court documents, Ruble then made the decision to buy a firearm and waited for Moss to arrive at the apartment, where they argued, and Ruble eventually shot moss to death.

“Mary shot Montez, and I said ‘What?'” Johnson-Delph said about the phone call she received from Moss’ daughter’s mother.

Now after a bond hearing, where Delph and friends say Ruble sat and smirked at Moss’ family and friends, they are seeking justice for Moss, hoping to tell his side of the story for him.

“Unbelief, I just could not believe it, I actually even called his cell phone, because I was just like this can’t be true, this can’t be true and then when he didn’t answer, the phone, I knew that it was true.” Says Robin Morris, one of Moss’ longtime friends, adding, “Because this was very much premeditated, there’s no doubt about that. She admitted that I mean the facts are there she bought the gun, prior to, thought about it all day long, and waited for him to come home.”

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