Nonprofits join together at a new location to provide services for the Carbondale community

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KBSI) – Serval organizations will now be in collaborating in the same space to help bring a variety of services closer to Carbondale residents that need them.  

 That includes addressing needs like education, employment, legal issues, and preventing violence in the area. 

 I spoke with Nancy Maxwell, with Carbondale United, who says this is like a one-stop shop. 

“How’s this like a social service Walmart where you can go to several places at one time and get resources from each one of them,” said Maxwell. 

Maxwell says this is something that has been needed in the area. 

“Something that has been prior kind of lacking in the community,” said Maxwell.   

This new space and collaboration with these organizations look to bridge some gaps in the community.  

Land of Lincoln law attorney Julian Watkins says this was one of the problems they faced. 

“We tried to get out and serve the community, but you know being where our office is located sometimes people can’t get access to us or you know don’t know where we are,” said Watkins. 

Man-Tra-Con is there for education and employment, Land of Lincoln for legal needs, the survivor empowerment center for legal counseling, and Carbondale united for stopping gun violence.  

“We have resources right here for you to come to and get what you need and if we don’t have it, we have a resource bank that we can give you other places to go,” said Maxwell. 

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