Paducah sees results in new online application feature

PADUCAH, Ky. (KBSI) – The Paducah 311 app makes reporting issues to the city as easy as pushing a button.

That includes reporting things like potholes, brush pickup, or any other number of problems residents may need the city to address.

“We launched Paducah 311 on January 6th of this year,” said Lindsay Parish, city clerk for the city of Paducah, “It is a new online portal and phone app that allows our citizens to enter requests either online or in an app on their phone.”

The app provides a simpler way for residents to make their voices heard, especially when they may not feel comfortable calling in.

So far the online experience has been a success for the city.

“Our feedback that we’ve received so far has been really really positive,” Parish continued. “We have heard from people that it is easier than a phone call. So if they need brush pick up, instead of having to call business hours, they can enter that whenever they’re thinking about it.”

Since the launch of the online application, 690 requests have been made and met through the portal.

The goal of the app is to provide more ways to get in touch with the city instead of limiting it to walking in or calling during business hours.

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