Perryville man becomes honorary officer of police department

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KBSI) – A Perryville man has been named an honorary police officer.

“I’ve wanted to do this for years,” said 21-year-old Cameron Heinkein. “It’s very special for me.”

Heinkein has wanted to become an officer since he was four years old. He lives with Cerebral Palsy so that dream was harder to achieve.

“I’m very proud of him,” said Steve Hoehn, Cameron’s father. “He deserves this and the community is going to be a better place now.”

Heinkein’s mother, Kathy, sent in a message to Brent Buerck, City Administrator for Perryville, who helped put together the ceremony to officially make Cameron an officer.

“Everybody came to see Cameron get sworn in, and that doesn’t happen with every officer,” said Buerck.

The honor isn’t just given lightly. Cameron has gone above and beyond listening to his police scanner daily, and his mother Kathy says even well into the night.

Cameron has saved lives listening to that scanner diligently. Once his mother’s coworker had a fire in her garage. Cameron knew there was a propane tank close by the garage. Kathy was able to contact the right people and all were saved.

Not only are they proud, but Cameron’s mother also works to help individuals with different abilities find their place in the work force at United Enterprises.

“Our guys are awesome they really are,” Kathy Maca Hoehn, Cameron’s mother said. “I’ve had people tell me they are harder workers than their own. And they’re more reliable.”

Cameron is a familiar face within United Enterprises. Sometimes he joins his mother at work with her and hangs out with his pals.

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