Play Cape! Saturday welcomes community to Osage Centre

Families embrace approaching warmer weather


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – For more than a decade, Play Cape! Saturdays have welcomed families to see what Cape Parks and Recreation has to offer.

Assistant Recreation Division Manager Dianne Lawrence said seeing the community engagement, specifically amongst the kids, is what makes her job so special. 

“Some days are long, and we have a lot of activities and things that go on here, but when we see happy kids, smiles on their faces, and that they are engaged with other kids and involved in programs here in the community with each other, it’s really what makes my job the best,” she said.

Deja Ray attended her second Play Cape! Saturday with her husband and three children, and she said with Spring and Summer on the horizon, this is an exciting time for the five of them. 

“It’s something to do, first of all, something to get the kids out of the house because of the Winter, and going into the Spring months, it gives them something to look forward to that Summer and Spring are coming,” she said. “We just enjoy getting out of the house and spending time as a family.” 

Attendees could sign up for upcoming classes, leagues, camps, and events at a discount. 

Recreation Division Manager Penny Williams said it warms her heart to see people embrace the joy of activity. 

“The most rewarding part of this job is seeing people participating, seeing people active and on the go, and being able to participate in a sport or an activity that they love,” she said.

Parks and Rec holds the key to the happiness vehicle. 

“Really, that’s what makes Cape Girardeau and good community, keeping people happy, and I feel like the foundation starts here with parks and recreation,” Williams said.

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