Quilters gather for 13th Biennial Quilt Show in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Quilters from all over came out for the 13th Biennial Quilt Show hosted by River Heritage Quilters’ Guild at the AC Brase Arena Building in Cape Girardeau. 

River Heritage Quilters’ Guild member Sheryl Windchel says this show happens every two years and showcases many talented people.  

“This is an event that’s only held every two years so that’s a really great time to get out and see the art that these ladies are making,” said Windchel. 

With this year being the 13th biennial quilt show, a lot has changed throughout the years and Windchel says the groups returning are getting younger.  

“You know what those younger and younger people getting into the quilting they’re finding the relaxation the art the craft they’re bringing a whole new genre of type of quilts that are being made more artistic things that are being done than the traditional things that we might have seen with grandma’s things,” said Windchel. 

With the new styles coming in, others like, Merle Deneke, who have been around quilting for years still find ways to improve their skills.  

“And I would suggest that you start off with a simple pattern and grow from there my first quote was not as beautiful as this one is but I’m proud of my first one,” said Deneke.  

And the pride after being a part of these shows is what keeps many coming back.  

“I like to be critiqued positive and negative that helps me grow and I learn from my mistakes and it’s nice to have someone tell you did a good job on this and this,” said Kathleen Wright, contestant.  

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