Scott City receives block grant to improve water flow

SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KBSI) – The Department of Economic Development awarded more than $11 million in block grant funds to 22  communities around Missouri.

Scott City was one of the towns chosen to receive a grant.

Dustin Whitworth is the Scott City, City administrator. He says the grant will be used to improve water flow, put culverts in ditches, storm boxes and try to alleviate flooding on the main street.

The grant will also be used to pave Perkins Street down to a bridge and will pave Oak Street and Mar-Elm Street.

Scott City will receive $639,250 from the economic development grant. The city matched the grant in the amount of $154,00. 

City leaders hope to have the project wrapped up by summer of 2024. 

“Things will look better, water flow will be faster, it’ll go through ditches a little quicker which helps us alleviate some of the flooding in our area, and again it’s just a project we’ve started over the past five years of trying to fill in some ditches with piping I would say and just for the beautification of our city,” said Whitworth. 

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