Scott County sheriff, county commissioners disagree about move to new location

BENTON, Mo. (KBSI) – Scott County commissioners and Scott County Sheriff Wes Drury are at odds Monday morning over moving the sheriff’s office to a different nearby building.

Scott County commissioners served the Scott County Sheriff’s Office an eviction notice by Judge David A. Dolen. The office has been served multiple times and was given a year to move to a new building nearby. The old sheriff’s office is to be turned into courtrooms.

Scott County Commissioner Jim Glueck and Scott County Sheriff Wes Drury are in disagreement.

Sheriff Drury guarded a door to the current sheriff’s office to prevent movers from moving furniture. He says there is not enough room in the new building as the new building was designed in the 1980s, but was refinished in 2022.

Sheriff’s deputies and the sheriff have doors inside barricaded.  The inside doors were bolted and chairs were in front of it.

The movers moved furniture from the lobby and a conference to the new location.

The other building to serve as the new sheriff’s office is across the street.

Sheriff Drury has decided to take the decision to move to a hearing.

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