Section of KY 58/KY 80/Broadway in Mayfield closed

MAYFIELD, Ky. (KBSI) – The City of Mayfield and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) have closed a section of KY 58/KY 80/Broadway near the intersection with U.S. 45 in downtown Mayfield and other nearby streets creating significant traffic flow issues.

The street closures are due to structural issues with the Hall Hotel, a Mayfield landmark located at 101 North 7th Street. Due to one-way streets, the closed-off area around the hotel adds to traffic snarls that have plagued Mayfield since the tornado on Dec. 10.

KYTC District 1 Chief Engineer Kyle Poat joins Mayfield and Graves County officials, as well as local emergency management officials, to limit access to the downtown area to essential recovery activities only.

The public is asked to assist recovery efforts by staying out of downtown Mayfield. Travelers are asked to use the KY 121 Bypass, the KY 80 Mayfield South Bypass, and Interstate 69 to move around the city without going through town.

Message boards were placed at key locations to remind drivers to avoid the downtown area by using the available bypass routes.

Heavy equipment working along the streets in the tornado corridor will create more traffic in Mayfield. Therefore, travel in town is to be limited to only those directly involved in the recovery effort, and/or residents and business owners who are going to a specific location.

Most businesses that have reopened can be accessed from the KY 121 Bypass, the KY 80 Mayfield South Bypass, or Interstate 69.

Street closures around the Hall Hotel at the northwest corner of the courthouse make detours impractical:

  • KY 58/KY 80/Broadway is closed between the U.S. 45/North 8th Street intersection and the 6th Street intersection
  • 7th Street is blocked between South Street through the Broadway intersection to North Street
  • KY 58/KY 80/Broadway in front of the Graves County courthouse

Moving traffic out of downtown Mayfield to the bypass routes will also ensure emergency vehicles can efficiently respond to calls.

KYTC crews are working to restore highway and street signage that was swept away by the tornado.

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