Several gather to commemorate 95th anniversary of 1927 Poplar Bluff tornado

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KBSI) – A tornado that took the lives of 86 people in 1927 still plays in the minds of Poplar Bluff citizens, who gathered Monday to remember those that were lost to the horrible storm.

“We’re just commemorating the 95th anniversary of the tornado that destroyed Poplar Bluff on May 9th, 1927. We just wanted to take some time to remember those who we lost, 86 individuals, also celebrate, what we can do as a community to try to prevent those things things, the partnerships we built up with out weather cameras, our sirens, and our advanced notices. Hopefully we’ll never have to deal with this kind of loss in the future. We can’t prevent tornadoes from coming, but we can keep it from becoming such a loss of life,” said one organizer.

One family member of a victim taken in this storm was able to travel from St. Louis to attend the event.

Along with this remembrance, the Poplar Bluff Severe Weather Response Team brought models and samples of what they’re using now to help with the storm alerts.

The new sirens, radar and application to watch the radio live feed for a storm are all a part of this new technology designed to help the community of Poplar Bluff.


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