Southern 7 Health Department warns about RSV, COVID-19, and the Flu

SOUTHERN Ill. (KBSI) – This year’s flu season is looking a lot like it did prior to COVID-19. People are getting out. They’re gathering. They’re not wearing masks as much.

Southern 7 Health Department in Illinois wants to inform the public of safety measures they can take, and what can happen if they don’t.

“We want people to realize that COVID and the flu can live together,” said Shawna Rhine, Community Outreach Coordinator/Public Information Officer from Southern Seven Health Department. “So, it’s important if you’re not fully vaccinated or following safety measures, it’s very easy to contract both, and have both at the same time, and that can be very dangerous, especially if you have an under-lying health condition, or are immuno-compromised.”

In addition to COVID-19 and the flu, RSV is also an illness to watch out for. Children are not the only ones who can get it, and there is no vaccine for it.

“You want to make sure that you’re covering your mouth or nose when you cough or sneeze,” said Rhine. “Be sure that you’re washing your hands thoroughly or using hand sanitizer and following those other safety measures we did during COVID.”

The symptoms of flu and RSV are very similar, with coughing, fever, and sneezing. With RSV there’s also typically wheezing that is involved.

“You know this can be very dangerous for anyone, so make sure you are checking in with your doctor, get fully vaccinated if you can, and stay home when you’re sick,” Rhine said.

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