Summer energy saving tips

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KBSI) – The increased temperatures are only the start of the summer season.

Many people will try to keep their houses cool, but it will come at a cost.

Cooling the house is the main reason electric bills are so high.

Although, the cost of electricity will begin to increase if people are not conserving their energy usage. Keeping this usage down, will delay and price increase.

“This summer if the way we individually and then collectively can hold down those costs it will help us delay any future rate increases,” says Steve Elsea, manager of Member Services at Citizens Electric.

Kelli Behrle, communications specialist at Citizens Electric, gave a few tips to lowering costs and keeping the house cool.

  • Use smaller appliances for to make meals like toasters and microwaves
  • Grill outside to keep the hot air outside
  • Unplug unused electronics

Behrle also mentioned tips for people without air conditioning:

  • Close blinds to keep hot air outside
  • Set fans to counterclockwise (switch usually on fans)
  • Spend more time in the basement, which is colder if air conditioning is out
  • Use energy efficient LED light bulbs

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