College FCA member speaks about Supreme Court decision about praying on field after games

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Not too long after the Roe V. Wade overturn, another significant issue was taken to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court Justices ruled on June 27 that former Washington State’s High School football coach had the right to pray publicly on the football field after games.

The ruling was 6 to 3 in favor of Joe Kennedy, high school football coach. He claimed that the high school violated his religious freedom by telling him he could not pray as publicly as he wants.

The results of this ruling came from the First Amendment which Coach Kennedy explained gave him the right to pray.

“Nobody should have to worry about now especially have to worry about just because you want to thank God you could do it now and it at it’s just an awesome thing for everybody,” explained coach Kennedy.

Kennedy was fired because of his religious act. Although, some believe this hinders people from expressing their faith.

Aaron Modrow, a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) member with Southeast Missouri State University’s (SEMO) Track and Field team, shared his thoughts.

“If this court case were to have gone the other way it would basically say that all religious activity needs to be hidden from view. And that is sending the message that praying or expressing your faith is wrong,” Modrow said.

The ruling does cause controversy though. Some are saying it undermines the separation of church and state.

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