Tips for motorcyclists to stay safe during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KBSI) – May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. Spring is the time motorcyclists pull their bikes out of their garage and hit the open road.

It’s good for the soul, the body, and mental health, but what most drivers will tell you is that the roads are a dangerous place to be. The roads can be slick, with loose gravel or even freshly cut grass.

In Scott City, John “Buddy” Davis with Lawless Harley-Davidson gives tips for safe driving, and why it is important to watch for motorcyclists.

“One of the things those of us that ride motorcycles like to do, we like to find the rural roads that have a lot of curves,” said Davis. “Curves are fun to ride for motorcyclists. Of course when you get into those curbs and have grass blown on them or gravel or sand dumped on them it’s obviously a very bad hazard for a motorcyclist. Motorcycles need friction to turn. When you take that away then it makes it difficult for a motorcyclist to turn and it causes crashes.”

A dangerous problem the road brings is vehicles with distracted drivers on their cell phones, eating or simply not paying attention.

“Even though in Missouri there’s a new law that says you don’t have to wear a helmet, choose to wear a helmet,” said Davis.” The only protection your head has if it hits the ground is a helmet, a DOT approved helmet that has an inner liner that absorbs shock. At 25 miles per hour a fall to the ground and hitting your head on concrete or pavement could very easily be fatal. A five miles per hour it could be fatal. Motorcycles, unlike cars and trucks that have that protective cage, they only protection you have is the gear that you wear. I recommend that people wear helmets and long sleeve jackets that absorb some of the road rash, pants that are designed for it, gloves and boots. In other words, all the gear all the time. Dress for the slide, not the ride.”

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