Trade careers in demand; a different path from college

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI)- Is the trick of the trade the new path to success?

With shorter program lengths, leading to reduced educational expenses, many young adults are looking into trade careers instead of the traditional college path.

Ethan Essner, Driver Operator, City of Cape Fire Department says, “I speak for the fire side, and it’s a very rewarding job. Within the fire service there’s lots of opportunity for growth within our career. You can come in as a fire fighter. Come in without that college degree and work on your college degree while you’re completing our job and then move into the administrative ranks that way.”

The business potential along with job security are two factors driving people into trade careers.

Stan Polivick, the Director of Public Works says, “CDL license opens an array of opportunities for a person who has it.”

A commercial driver’s license or CDL is a driver’s license required in the United States to operate large and heavy vehicles or a vehicle of any size that transports hazardous materials or more than fifteen passengers.

Polivick adds, “For those that don’t know there are Class A and Class B licenses. The additional higher ranking drivers’ licenses is a big advantage, having a trade or a skill. Trades are in high demand.”

So, whether it’s preference or uncertainty for the future, taking a look into a trade could be the answer.

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