United Way of Southeast Missouri holds Transportation Conversation with public

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The United Way of Southeast Missouri held a meeting for a transportation conversation at the Shawnee Park Center in Cape Girardeau.

The meeting was for the public to give insight on opinions for the city’s transportation needs and solutions: setting the foundation for the future.

“United Way focuses on education, income stability and health, because we believe these have the greatest impact on success in life, and transportation impacts all those things,” said Elizabeth Shelton, Executive Director of United Way of Southeast Missouri.

United Way entered grant funding a year ago, conducting research to see what the needs from the community were to make sure the issues were being addressed.

Transportation was a huge need for the community, being voted in the top four among United Way partners, community members and workplaces.

“And I think it’s really important for people to know that transportation covers a lot more than the city buses that we see going around Cape Girardeau,” Shelton said. “It includes any way of transporting someone from point A to Point B.”

One of the main goals for this conversation is improving transportation for those who don’t own a personal vehicle.

Along with enhancing transportation in Cape Girardeau, United Way hopes to have a model to apply to other communities that could benefit from this project.

“So many organizations are working together to try to improve transportation resources for people here in Cape Girardeau, who need them,” Shelton said.

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