United Way of Southeast Missouri releases data and research for Transportation Coalition

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI)- Thursday afternoon, United Way of Southeast Missouri led a transportation coalition meeting to discuss data and research provided from the survey given out last month in the Cape Girardeau community. The discussion led into the concerns community members had on the city’s bus routes and sidewalks.

Elizabeth Shelton, the Director for United Way of Southeast Missouri states, “We are so glad to have members of the community coming together in the transportation coalition, to try to tackle this in our community, which is a challenge for a lot of people, and help provide more resources.”

Along with those concerns directors from different transportation committees served ideas to help with some of those concerns.

Few members of different transportation cabinets in Cape Girardeau discussed data that was released for a public transportation survey.

The director of United Way of Southeast Missouri, Elizabeth Shelton says the meeting helped to identify some next steps of the process. “We looked at the feedback that we got, we got some really good feedback from people with good ideas. And so, we’re dividing into different groups to research those different ideas, and we’ll get back together in January, and just keep moving forward.”

United Way gave a community survey and among employers, employees, and many people served by the network, transportation was identified as a barrier to all three of United Way’s focus areas- education, health, and income stability.

Kirk Sandfort, the Southeast Missouri State University Transportations Operations Supervisor says, “I look forward to learning, but also being part of the conversation, as a whole and finding ways that I can…better serve my students here but also that we can make the community more attractive, to people of all generations and help people, ya know, and help people.”

Of the data report released by United Way, most transportation needs are from Cape Girardeau residents.

Ages between 18 and 64 are using transportation the most and transportation for medical reasons came to 27.16% for those who took the survey, along with shopping needs at 24.69%.

64.42% of participants said using public transportation would be useful to them.



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